Swing you sinners!

22. července 2016 v 16:56 | Psiren |  Đas Wochenende
Ať žije stránka Creepypasta na Fb :D

Ta animace je prostě úžasná :3

Good night! This is your finish brother! You're never going to get away! Oh no! Oh yeah! You'll never rob another hen-house! You've sinned and now you must ordain! Oh no! Oh yeah! We're going to pulverize you brother, You needed it! And scatter all your bones away!

Chickens you used to steal! I don't steal no more! Craps you used to shoot! I don't shoot no more! Girls you used to chase! I don't chase no more. Get ready, brother! Your time has come! Stand up you sinner, we've got you at last! You can't get away, there's no time to pray, your finish is gonna be fast! Brother and sisters, come on get hot! We'll amputate your vodoyo and tie your bones in a knot!

scat solo Brother you sure gonna get your face lifted! And a permanent shave! Ha! Ha! Ha! Where you want your body sent? Body? Huh! Ain't gonna be no body! Ha! Ha! Ha! You can't make any excuse So you'll quail in your boots 'Til we've picked up the noose Swing you sinners! For making chickens elope, You're at the end of your rope So just give up all hope Swing you sinners! scat solo We'll stretch you like a giraffe Maybe cut you in half Just to give us a laugh Swing you sinners! AAAAHHH!

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.

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